Two Proposals For The Re-Use of the Confidence and Emigrant Jane Buildings on Main Street Are Before The City Council

In case you haven't heard, there are currently two proposals for consideration of re-use of the Confidence and Emigrant Jane buildings (Mustard and Ketchup) on Main Street.

The Confidence Building is on the National Register of Historic Places and the Emigrant Jane Building is on the California Historical Landmarks.

One proposal wants to create an Arts & Culture District with Galleries and theatres. The other wants to preserve the history, restore the buildings to their original state, and create a historical visitor's center. We've outlined the proposals below.

Our intent in sharing this is to inform you of the proposals and give you an opportunity, individually, to weigh in on your preferred choice.

Proposal #1: El Dorado Arts and Culture Council

El Dorado Arts and Culture Council is proposing to remodel the buildings to be part of a master plan to create an arts district.

Their plan includes the re-purpose of the courthouse (should it become available) and the old post office, now vacant following the DA's office moving and the old utility building next to the old D.A.'s building. Specifically, they want to create an art gallery with office space in the lower part of the Confidence and Emigrant Jane buildings and apartments on the upper floors of the building.

These changes could result in the loss of these buildings being on the National Register of Historic Places.

Proposal #2: The Wopumnes Nisenan Mewuk Tribe

The Wopumnes Nisenan Mewuk Tribe of Shingle Springs has a proposal to restore the buildings to their original state and create a firehouse museum with a Native cultural center as well as provide  office spaces for the Placerville Downtown Association (PDA) and the Hangtown Marshals. The firehouse museum will also accommodate Davey's stagecoach and hand drawn fire wagons and carts..

This museum and cultural center will be available to school children to visit and learn about the history of this region. This collaborative effort between these groups to revitalize the downtown through protecting its history has been supported by the PDA.

At the April meeting of the Placerville Downtown Association, this proposal was presented by tribe and the board voted to write a letter of support for the project.

Click Here To View Their Full Presentation

PDA's Letter of Support For Proposal #2

City Council To Vote

Both projects were presented to a panel, seated by the city, on May 6th. The panel has deliberated and is expected to make a recommendation to the City Council at their next meeting.

Come and hear the presentations:

May 28th, 4:30 p.m. at the

Town Hall on 549 Main Street. 

To support the Museum/Visitor's Center, copy this petition and collect signatures and bring them to the presentations.

If you have any questions, please contact us here